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Session dates are listed below, but you are able to start classes at any point. The session rate will be prorated to reflect your starting date.



Summer 1: June 11 - July 1 (3-weeks)

Summer 2: July 2-29 (4-weeks)
*No class 7/4 (Wednesday)

Summer 3: July 30 - August 19 (3-weeks)

Session 1: August 20 - September 30 (6-weeks)
*No class 9/3 (Monday)

Session 2: October 1 - November 11 (6-weeks)
*No class 10/31 (Wednesday)

Session 3: November 12 - December 23 (6-weeks)
*No class 11/21 (Wednesday), 11/22 (Thursday), 11/23 (Friday), 11/24 (Saturday)


Session 4: January 7- February 17 (6-weeks)
*No classes 1/21 (Monday)

Session 5: February 18 - March 24 (5-weeks)
*No class 2/18 (Monday)

Session 6: April 1 - May 5 (5-weeks)

Session 7: May 6 - June 9 (5-weeks)
*No class 5/27 (Monday)


1-class per week: $25/week
2-classes per week: $40/week

Registration for classes is done by the session.

Beginner’s should expect to have 2 or 3 classes of building a solid foundation before being considered Intermediate.

Players will spend the most time in the Intermediate stage of play. Intermediate players may be very skilled in some aspects but lack either an understanding of how to play the game with proper strategy or lack certain skills.

Advanced Players are slightly above higher level Intermediate Players. The main difference between these two stages is the ability to adjust to another player’s game.

We strive to push each player to a higher and better level of play than they imagined they could reach. Classes lean heavily on instruction. Although there will be times to rally or play points, those are things you could do on your own time.

Classes are located at Tropical Park (7900 SW 40 st).
Access to the park is available from both Miller (56th Street) and Bird Road (40th Street).
The tennis courts are closer to 40th street, but easily accessible from either side.

CLICK HERE to register for Adult Group Classes.