Camp classes go on RAIN or SHINE. Missed classes of camp WILL NOT carry over to another day of camp. Any missed days of camp can be made up during the After School Program. Please contact us to schedule these classes.

Payments for camp must be received prior to participation. To cancel your camp participation and receive a refund, you must notify us by e-mail ( or by calling/texting 305-926-0147 no later than the Friday prior to the week you want to cancel. Any cancellations after that point are not eligible for a refund. Missed camp days can be made up during another program with available space.

Available discounts may not be combined.


All sessions for children and adults are to be paid in advance. This guarantees that a class will go on as scheduled regardless of the number of people in attendance. 

Group classes missed for any reason (weather, sickness, travel, other engagements, forgetfulness, etc) may be made up at any point in the future with a group of similar skill level and where space is available. Missed classes MAY NOT be used as a credit towards registration for a future group session. There is no expiration date on the availability to make up a missed class.

Introductory Classes that are missed will only be rescheduled as part of a group class. If a group class is not available for the child, the parent could use the class to join an adult program.

If scheduling a make up on another day of the week is not possible, missed classes will be converted into a voucher for a Private Lesson or Camp Registration (see below for the conversion rates).

  • 6-7 year old Beginners
    • 4 missed classes = 1-hour Semi-Private Lesson (2-people)
    • 4 missed classes = 1 Half Day Camp Registration
  • Beginners 8+, Intermediate Groups
    • 4 missed classes = 1-hour Semi-Private Lesson (2-people)
    • 4 missed classes = 1 Half Day Camp Registration
  • Advanced & Tournament Players
    • 3 missed classes = 1-hour Semi-Private Lesson (2-people)
  • Adult Classes
    • 4 missed classes = 1-hour Semi-Private Lesson (2-people)

Since scheduling a make up class is much easier to arrange, we would prefer you first check if the available make up days work with your schedule prior to converting missed days into a Private Lesson.

Kids classes that are interrupted by rain or lightning will continue off the tennis courts. The focus of these interrupted classes will be fitness, coordination, and agility. Classes will resume on the court when it is safe to play. Classes that are canceled due to rain, or classes that were interrupted for more than half the scheduled class time, can be made up on another day.

Adult classes that are interrupted by rain or lighting will have time added on to a future class. Adult classes that are canceled prior to starting by rain will be made up at a later date.